Hey Zac Efron! You look like a hot fucking mess with these dreads, boy


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Hey Zac Efron! You look like a hot fucking mess with these dreads, boy

Get your head in the game and out of your ass

The audacity of the caucasity is back, girls and gays. Zac Efron is now a part of the "I can't stay in my lane, so I'll just culturally appropriate" club after uploading a photo of himself in what appears to be a sad attempt at dreadlocks. After all that these other rich white folk have done, you'd think he'd know better, but alas.

Just for fun 🤘

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"Just for fun," he captioned the black and white photo with a rock-on emoji. As if posting this blonde bird's nest on your head with a grey filter was going to make us forget your caucasity. And you think uploading it "just for fun" excuses how fucked up it is? I think not, Troy. Do us all a favor and break free from thinking you're Rasta. Have several seats.

Twitter was on it like white on rice

Zac, you okay sis? Because I know you're better than this. Your net worth is high enough to know what the internet is and how to avoid being culturally insensitive, so what's really good, bro? Text me when you're ready for that haircut from that matted mess, hun.

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